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Posted by: EricaLeigh on Wednesday, July 04, 2007 - 07:15 PM
Book News Back to the board, the keyboard that is. Pounding those keys, creating the continuation to the romantic adventures of Sophie and Jerry has been keeping me busy, too busy to get into any trouble myself (sigh).

Electric Vamp is the third book about Sophie's powerful romance with the scion of the Ferguson family whose members are numbered among the elite of Hollywood.

In it Sophie & Jerry face the greatest challenges yet to their love, and have to muddle through major dramas which beset them from all sides to find and reclasp the magical sensual connection that first drew them together. Their rampant lust continues but the stakes get a little higher, the passions more intense, the potential for loss more tragic...

Jerry introduces Sophie to the highs and lows of Hollywood: its people and sensations, the stratospheric excesses, the depths of its duplicities. The kindnesses of friends and family, the selfishness of those who desire the trappings of success without being willing to pay the price.

Where it ends, not even I know yet. I'm just along for the ride, channeling the ardor of our young lovers. But I do know that Sophie's and Jerry's desire for each other will push them to new heights of sexuality and sensuality and that you, the readers, will have lots of opportunity to vicariously indulge your own fantasies before the story is complete.

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