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Welcome to my web site!

  Long time no see
Posted by: EricaLeigh on Sunday, July 05, 2009 - 05:56 PM
Book News With all the craziness in the world and the film business (which still provides most of my income), yours truly, Erica Leigh, has managed to stay afloat but by working longer hours and more days for less and less pay.

I'm just like many people in California ... where the Governator is furloughing people -- cutting their pay and giving them days off. Of course, they are still supposed to complete the same amount of work so often they do not actually get those days off even when their paychecks are shy 10%, soon to ber 15%.

Mmm... sounds just like my life.

Not much spare time to spend on seduction, but I am working on the first of a new trilogy about the Ferguson Films Family -- this one focusing on the passionate romances of Jerry’s aunt, Kathryn.

But in the meantime, my fabulous publisher is bringing out a Grande Novel of my work, "Electric Love," which has all three of my Sophie and Jerry stories for your reading delight.

So, if you enjoyed my earlier works, please do consider getting "Electric Love" for friends and family and pass along the pleasure.

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  Anthology or Ryder's Revenge
Posted by: EricaLeigh on Tuesday, September 16, 2008 - 08:12 PM
Book News Which would you prefer to see?

Well, readers, I have been very busy between work on a crazy film job – 80 to 90 hour weeks, calls at all hours – and promoting my first three books which will be coming out later this year as an anthology. Yes, all three stories starring Jerry and Sophie in one convenient volume.

I am starting to plot out my next Ferguson Family romance, tentatively titled “Ryder’s Revenge,” which will portray the passionate affairs and outrageous romances of Jerry’s aunt, Kathryn. The question will be, as always, will she find true love in the end or will her own persona as Hollywood's bad girl doom her to be forever sensual and never satisfied?

Kathryn is such a different woman from Sophie – sophisticated, scandalous, blatantly sexy, and lots of fun. And the men around her are powerful and handsome, ready to sweep beautiful women off their feet and ravish them, men who are as varied and fascinating as any you see on the silver screen.

American women have been blinkered by the Puritan thought-cops for generations and are just now coming into their own. There is nothing wrong with sex. It is a wonderful, fulfilling expression of a woman’s physical being. As females, sex is as natural and necessary experience as eating or sleeping – and a lot more fun.

Kathryn is going to celebrate that flamboyant sexuality to the hilt. I know I'm going to love writing about her and I hope you will all be coming along for the ride.

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  Looking forward to cool autumn days!
Posted by: EricaLeigh on Monday, September 03, 2007 - 03:45 PM
Book News Here it is Labor Day already. I can't believe how fast the summer had flown. But it is still hot, hot, hot in Los Angeles as I work on my latest book.

Electric Vamp is drawing to a close. For me at least. You can look for it late this month or sometime in October.

Meanwhile, Electric Vibes and Electric Vibrato continue to receive good reviews. A pleasant surprise to this writer but I hope they will encourage you to buy the books and tell all your friends.

I am certainly looking forward to the cooler weather of fall when reading a hot novel is something to look forward to in more ways than one...

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  Coming this summer!
Posted by: EricaLeigh on Wednesday, July 04, 2007 - 07:15 PM
Book News Back to the board, the keyboard that is. Pounding those keys, creating the continuation to the romantic adventures of Sophie and Jerry has been keeping me busy, too busy to get into any trouble myself (sigh).

Electric Vamp is the third book about Sophie's powerful romance with the scion of the Ferguson family whose members are numbered among the elite of Hollywood.

In it Sophie & Jerry face the greatest challenges yet to their love, and have to muddle through major dramas which beset them from all sides to find and reclasp the magical sensual connection that first drew them together. Their rampant lust continues but the stakes get a little higher, the passions more intense, the potential for loss more tragic...

Jerry introduces Sophie to the highs and lows of Hollywood: its people and sensations, the stratospheric excesses, the depths of its duplicities. The kindnesses of friends and family, the selfishness of those who desire the trappings of success without being willing to pay the price.

Where it ends, not even I know yet. I'm just along for the ride, channeling the ardor of our young lovers. But I do know that Sophie's and Jerry's desire for each other will push them to new heights of sexuality and sensuality and that you, the readers, will have lots of opportunity to vicariously indulge your own fantasies before the story is complete.

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Posted by: EricaLeigh on Sunday, May 20, 2007 - 11:38 PM
Book News Hooray! Electric Vibrato has made it through the minions at the publisher and has now been posted for purchase. All of you who fell in love with Sophie in Electric Vibes need to get this one NOW. Click on the cover to go to my publisher and get it hot off the internet!

And tell your friends to buy both. The first to introduce themselves to Jerry and Sophie, and this new one where they (and you) will meet their friends and family and share the ups and downs of their relationships. And all that wonderful sex which keeps their passion pumping…

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  Greetings readers and soon-to-be readers!
Posted by: EricaLeigh on Friday, May 04, 2007 - 09:52 PM
Book News

It has been a while since I last posted anything here but I have an excuse... and, no, the dog didn't eat my homework! Truly.

But writing is a very compelling business. It can be as mesmerizing as reading a fascinating fable. So I plead guilty to focusing on finishing the next book in the “Electric” series. And I am happy to announce that due to the speed and skill of my editors, it should shortly be available for you to download and indulge.

In it, Sophie and Jerry from Electric Vibes get to see if they can maintain the torrid passion of their first date and survive the many obstacles that fate throws at them.

It is a bumpy road but Sophie and Jerry take it on in style. And along the way have lots and lots of fun in bed (and elsewhere) – can’t be too-oo boring ladies! Even I don’t always know how things will work out… I start off with my characters and a premise and certain complications and see where the writing zone takes me.

And you.

So keep tuning in so you can be among the first to download and read Electric Vibrato the spicy sequel to Electric Vibes.

And for those who haven’t read it yet, drag your mouse over and download the first book so you can get in the mood for the second. Of course, you don’t always need foreplay for good sex, but it’s always enjoyable…

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  New book is coming along nicely, thank you
Posted by: EricaLeigh on Sunday, March 18, 2007 - 05:32 PM
Book News
Hi to all

Writing the continuing adventures of Sophie and Jerry has been an adventure in itself!

There have been days where my characters were determined to take over and pulled me in a totally different direction than I had planned. So we all had to hunker down together and work out a compromise. Funny thing – most of the time Sophie wins.

It has been a bit of a challenge for Sophie to be student and daughter and lover. But even though she is drop dead gorgeous, Sophie is a really smart cookie.

The first lesson she learns is that what happens on the journey can be very enjoyable indeed! There is no guarantee of achieving one’s goals in the future – whatever they may be – so she likes to seize the opportunities the present throws in her path.

If Sophie and Jerry will let me, Electric Vibrato should be in the editors’ hands by the end of the month and, depending on how skillful I have been, available for download sometime in April.

Oops, I hear Sophie calling to me now, so I will post more info on when you can share in her adventures the next time I write.

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