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Electric Vibes by Erica Leigh Madson

 © 2007 Erica Leigh Madson. All Rights Reserved.


 “And so whose idea was studying history and economics,” Jerry asked while following her down the path. “You couldn’t pay any of my friends to take classes like that.”
“Oh, that was all me. I’ve always been fascinated by history and when we were studying the Civil War, I kept seeing that all the choices people made, both north and south, they weren’t about freeing the slaves or keeping the union together. That was all rhetoric. It was really all about the economics. Who could make the most money and how.”
This woman just kept blowing him away. Yes, she had a great body but what was really getting to him was her mind. Jerry had a feeling that this dual connection, head and body, was going to turn into double the fun. If he could only . . . .
Sophie turned to him, “So have you gaffed . . . uh, gaffered long?”
Jerry stepped ahead of her, started down the steps thinking of how to begin.
Sophie was just a step behind.
Lucky I have low-heeled sandals on, she thought. Going-to-the-library sandals.
Jerry turned to face her and caught a great view of how her slight heels gave Sophie’s ass a sweet sway. Enough to turn the head of any man who had his testosterone in place. Jerry was exceedingly glad to have her to himself.
“A while.” He did not want to go into explaining his family connections. Not yet. “Helped out on student films, industrials . . . .”
“You know, corporate stuff?”
She nodded, barely visible in the light of the rising moon.
As they started along the beach, she stepped in to him as they moved away from the lights of Gladstone’s above, allowing Jerry to slide his arm around her.
He could feel her shiver slightly in the damp coming off the water although it was still pretty warm out.
Yes! thought Jerry as he pulled Sophie closer, sheltering her. Good plan, coming down to the beach—even if it was her idea . . . .
Jerry looked into her eyes, those dark brown, liquid eyes. And they looked back at him.
She was almost his height, not uncomfortable at all, and it meant that his hand could drop naturally to around her waist.
Let her get used to him. Pull her in. Keep her eyes on his. Don't stop walking yet, let the movement help him. Time to distract her till she was a bit more . . . accepting.
“Actually, as a rigging gaffer, it’s pretty simple. I get the plot from the show’s gaffer—the gaffer who works with the main unit—and I just lay out the cable and hang the lights he needs. All the creative stuff—aiming the lights, focusing them—he does with his guys when they come in for their pre-call.”
“Yeah. Like they come in early to get the lights set up so they are ready to shoot when the director and the actors are.”
“Like a waitress has to come in and set up the tables before the restaurant opens?”
Jerry had never heard of it described quite that way before but yes, the comparison made sense. He nodded. “Yup. They get to do the fun stuff. I’m just a grunt.”
Sophie felt his hand move higher.
Should she be coy and push it back or should she act sophisticated and . . . . Mmm. Time to say ‘no’ later. That is if she wanted to say no at all. This was feeling pretty good.
There seemed to be no one else on the beach. Just the two of them, the ocean and the stars. Sophie snuggled up closer to Jerry appreciating his warmth in more ways than one.
“More than just a grunt,” Sophie commented.
Don’t flirt too hard now, girl.
“It looked like pretty responsible work you were doing back there. I mean, they don’t exactly hand out a truck and all that equipment to just any ol’ nineteen year old, right?” she hazarded a guess.
Jerry smiled.
“You got that right. But I’m an old nineteen.”
He pulled her in tighter, let his hand naturally ease up a little, under her arm now. Find a comfortable . . . perch. There he had it around the outside of her breast now, not over the nipple yet.
She liked the pressure on her skin, the warmth of his hand under her arm, the pulling in. The fact that he wasn’t trying to pinch her nipple. She didn’t understand why guys liked to do that. Because they were there? But at least he didn’t.
Once he realized that Sophie was not going to pull away, Jerry started to move his hand slightly, rocking it, letting it settle in. Allowing the movement to move the two of them in a gentle dance that swept lower and pleasured themselves.
The swaying of their bodies pulled Sophie in closer to Jerry till they were face to face, breasts to chest, hot sex to hard sex. Her body was so alive she felt like the sparkles on the ocean.
The sea breeze, Sophie thought, is the only thing stopping me from going up in flames, or sliding down to my knees.
Her thighs became weak with her passion, too weak to hold her up. Sophie could hear Jerry’s breath as he cradled her body, protecting her, so strong—a deep panting that seemed to come from far within him.
She felt so safe—the melody of the ocean . . . the strength of his arms.
Could there be anything better?
She relaxed into the dizzying wonder of the moment.
The world seemed to slow down until there was only her and Jerry.
Alone on the beach.
When Sophie started to collapse against him, Jerry gently went down with her, protecting her from the sand, bringing her body in close, keeping the spell of the moment alive.
He could hear the sounds of the ocean singing in his ears, the warmth of her soft body, the lights of the restaurant far enough behind them that they were separated from the frenzy of city life.
Stay with her, breathe with her, Jerry thought. Nothing could be more wonderful than this.
And his head was not the only part of him that thought so. He could feel his erection rising up. Slowly he shifted so she lay across his thighs, protecting her from the urgency of his passion.
Sophie came back from the dream universe to the beach.
Beneath her she could feel Jerry’s thighs, rock-hard, muscular. And something else. Something softer but just as insistent.
But it was wonder welling up within her. Not nervous this time.
Wonder that she could stir this ardor in the man she was falling for so hard.
So hard.
Her mouth opened gladly.
His descended on hers, softly exploring her lips. Tentative at first then more boldly, gently inserting his tongue in her mouth. Taking possession but with respect as well as desire.
This was more than a quick fling, this was a passion that would last a lifetime.
She had no cause to fear. No cause at all. Wherever Jerry was, that would be home. On this beach, in his apartment, at hers.
Jerry was falling into the amazing matrix that was Sophie. As she moved below him and responded to his kiss, his heart seemed to swell with tenderness, the need to protect her overwhelming the physical drive to possess her. Truly amazing.
His hands skimmed over her body. A perfect body made especially for him. He could feel her response to every touch. A response that was electric and alive, one that welcomed him.
His entire life was centered in her. How far he had moved from two o’clock when he had been working by himself down at USC, not a care in the world.
Now he cared. He cared so much for her, this woman that he barely knew. But whose presence put a smile on his face. And whose body had turned his on.
Hard. There was something hard pushing up against her. And her entire being was focused on pushing against it.
Rubbing against it.
Letting her focus fixate on Jerry’s hard-on become the center of her being. Letting her breath and the resonance of the incoming waves turn her around, turn her to face Jerry. Turn her so her hips could rub up against that knob of pleasure.
Jerry groaned. Part pleasure, part pain.
“No-o-o” With his passion he drew out the word, then gently drew Sophie to her feet. He swallowed.
“Let’s take our time. We have all the time in the world for this. Let’s make it perfect. Not in the sand on a public beach with no privacy. That’s not good enough for you, my love.”
Sophie’s disappointment turned again to passion with the tenderness of his next kiss.
So sweet. And that he wanted to take care of her! But she had too much energy to staidly walk beside him. She grabbed his hand and pulled him down the beach to where the retreating tide had left the sand wet and firm.
Slipping her sandals off, she ran barefoot down to the water. Her delight manifesting itself as she spun in the moonlight, and sang to the sea. Other men, it might have driven away but Jerry watched her for a time and then joined in.
It was so much fun just to be again. Like he had been as a child, not checking what everybody else thought, just free, spontaneous and happy.
Dancing on the beach together, with the sparking of the wave tops and the twinkling skies above.
How much better could life be?


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