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Welcome to my web site!

Electric Vamp
by Erica Leigh Madson

The Romance Studio gives it 5 HEARTS for EXCELLENT!

The novel Electric Vamp got a 5 Heart review for EXCELLENT from The Romance Studio

To quote the review:

This is a series not-to-be-missed. It is something that, no matter your genre preference, you will definitely enjoy.

Ms. Erica Leigh Madson has, once again, outdone herself in presenting a real-life scenario and making it so genuine that it is amazingly realistic. In this the 3rd book of the trilogy, Jerry and Sophie have fallen in love, grown together, and then ­- oh my goodness -­ life happened! What a mess this loving couple found themselves in. Nothing, it seemed, could ever right this fiasco. Nothing any family member could do or say could change the circumstances facing this seemingly perfect-for-each-other couple.

This fast-paced finale into the lives of Jerry and Sophie left me excited about their future. It was hard to see the series end because the books were great and, after the disastrous situations the couple faced in this book, it was doubtful there could be a hoped-for happy ending. This author has delivered an uplifting love story ....

Read an excerpt or buy a copy by CLICKING HERE.


Message from Erica!

I hope you are enjoying reading my novels as much as I am enjoying writing them. Jerry and Sophie, lead characters in my recently completed trilogy under the Ferguson Film Fantasies banner -- Electric Vibes, Electric Vibrato , and Electric Vamp -- are moving off to the side for the moment to let Jerry’s Aunt Kathryn take center stage in an upcoming series (see “Coming Soon” for more details).

My books are meant to be fun and exciting, satisfying that wantonness which exists in all of us while allowing a window into the real Hollywood, a Hollywood where people work hard and play harder. Where people can rise to stardom overnight and, just as likely, crash a few months or a few years later.

Romantic fantasies are written to pull you out of your day-to-day existence so that you, too, can experience the sexual pleasures of women (and men) set against the backdrop of another fantasy world, that of Hollywood and the dreams it creates.

Please continue to join me and my characters on our adventures -- login on, download, and scroll through what we offer: vicariously experience the escapades of some wonderful women. Feel good and enjoy!

The Ferguson Films Fantasy Series

Telling tales of a business that makes its own rules, The Ferguson Films Fantasy Series is about an extended family whose members reach into all eras, and every part, of the Hollywood movie-making machine.

Love and sex in Tinsel Town. Electric Vibes is the story of Jerry, a rigging electric, and Sophie, a gorgeous young student from Long Island who has come to Los Angeles to study history at USC.

Sophie experiences bare bones lust when she first sees Jerry, his muscles outlined by the sweat of his work on a film set one hot summer day. When Jerry realizes just how much this statuesque brunette desires him, their passion can only get hotter.

In this sequel to Electric Vibes, Sophie and Jerry have fallen in love and in lust. They both have grand dreams for a future together but real life gets in the way. Their lives and expectations are very different in so many ways.

Sophie’s mother moves in with her and interferes, and Jerry is seduced by a hairdresser. But nothing can dim that electric charge that keeps pulling them back together.

In the third book of this series, Electric Vamp, Sophie goes into her second year studying history and economics at USC as Jerry leaves the working world to start his undergrad degree in the school of Cinema-Television.

On campus and together again, their passion starts to erode their differences, and back on the beach below Gladstone’s, they decide to focus on the future, and see if they can make it together again.

To read more about Electric Vibes,
click here!

To read more about Electric Vibrato,
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To read more about Electric Vamp,
click here!


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